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from 13 to 19 June 2022 in Toulouse

Stéphane Trento

« Innovation is a combination of passion, inspiration and the perspective of changing the world! »

Stéphane Trento is a man of innovation. Savoir faire, determination and a will for technological excellence have forged the personality of ST LUXURY founder.

With previous experience in the aeronautics industry, this entrepreneur from toulouse launched ST Composites in 1998. The company specializes in the design and manufacture of composite parts for aeronautics, defence and space.


A new chapter opens in 2021 with the COVID-19 events.

Stéphane Trento brought together his two passions : luxury and aeronautic, which together gave birth to ST LUXURY. Leather goods of excellence, combining technology, French sophistication and elegance.

The new House thrives with a groundbreaking approach of an innovative and environmental friendly luxury. It reflects the character of an ambitious man, driven by the desire to grow toward perfection.

The ST LUXURY House embodies passion, innovation and the alliance between two complementary worlds.
Inspired by Aéropostale’s pioneers, it is the perfect association of aeronautical technologies excellence and luxury world prestige. Specialised in outstanding leather goods, the company is committed to high quality craftsmanship combined with cutting-edge technology.


« A line of luggage inspired by Aéropostale history, integrating the finest technology and French style ».

 Following Aéropostale pioneers values and history, ST LUXURY is revolutionizing leather goods by offering unique objects, designed using the most modern, resistant and refined materials.

The company combines two industries in which France is a world leader: luxury and aeronautic.

ST LUXURY has given birth to a new generation of extraordinary travel objects.


Rooted in the heart of the Occitanie region, and more specifically in Toulouse, ST LUXURY benefits from the local historical ressources.

The skills and experience of the aeronautical world meeting the unique savoir-faire of the craftsmen results in the design of outstanding objects.

 ST LUXURY products prestige is the result extreme technical skills, served by materials renowned for their unmatched quality and sturdiness. A perfect combination between research work of our engineers and the exceptional savoir-faire of the best French craftsmen.


ST LUXURY takes a special care in the continuous improvement of its technology.

Constantly looking for daring solutions, ST LUXURY combines prestigious materials with the highest technology in the aerospace industry. The company is increasingly involved upstream in the research and development.  This approach enables the company to design those magnificent leather goods.


The company combines a vintage design inspired by the legendary Aéropostale with the latest aircarft technologies.

Attached to this history, ST LUXURY takes pride in its territorial anchor in Occitania. It takes advantage in its regional savoir-faire, with a composite parts production plant located in Toulouse, respecting its desire to produce right here, in France.

The singularity of the company is based on the actors of the aeronautical industry and its exclusive partnerships to create excellence.

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